Nile Basin Society


Welcome to the Nile Basin Blog, administered by Dr. Nabil El-Khodari, Founder, Nile Basin Society, Canada. Our aim is to encourage discussions about Nile Basin issues as well as to spread news about sustainable development (or the lack of it) in the Nile Basin, as speared by the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI, http://www.nilebasin.org/).


A major concern of ours is public participation in the NBI process. So far, NGOs have been effectively blocked from sharing in the planning, discussion, suggesting alternative solutions, etc. The NBI and the funding agencies (most probably under pressure from the Nile Basin governments) are becoming co-conspirators against real public participation in the Nile Basin. They have formed the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD, http://www.nilebasindiscourse.org), with no legal entity, from ‘governmental’ NGOs (GONGOs) that only aim at getting funded to ‘implement’ NBI projects and act as a ‘mouth-peice’ for the NBI with no power to share in the planning or conduct appraisals (socio-economic and environmental) of any of the projects, not to mention resorting to advocacy. They do serve the governments of the Nile Basin and not its people nor are they  bound with any of the well-known pillars of sustainable development.

If you prefer another form of communications/discussion, please use our Nile Dialogue forum at http://dgroups.org/groups/nile-dialogue

You can also subscribe to our Nile River Yahoo Mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nilerive


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